Why Do People Shy Away from Dietary Changes Despite Health Warnings?

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Why Do People Shy Away from Dietary Changes Despite Health Warnings | Grain Free Mamas


In an era where health consciousness is rising, it’s paradoxical to see a persistent avoidance of food choice changes despite clear health warnings. This phenomenon, deeply rooted in various psychological, social, and cultural factors, often leaves experts like nutritionists and food scientists, including myself, puzzled and concerned.

Humans are creatures of habit, and this is starkly evident in our food choices. The comfort and familiarity of certain foods create a psychological barrier to change. Couple this with the cleaver marketing and formulation of addictive food products and you have the makings of the health crisis that is occurring right under our noses. The sharp rise in autoimmune disease is not the mystery the media and healthcare industry people want to make it out to be.

Moreover, the immediate gratification provided by unhealthy foods often overshadows the long-term health benefits of a healthier diet. The perception of healthy eating as a form of deprivation rather than an opportunity for improvement further deters change. This notion is perpetuated in many marketing campaigns of fast food and processed food makers.

Why Do People Shy Away from Dietary Changes Despite Health Warnings?

Cuisine is a significant part of our cultural identity. Traditional dishes, often laden with sugars, fats, or processed ingredients, are cherished and passed down through generations. Shifting away from these can sometimes feel like a betrayal of one’s heritage or social norms.  Additionally, social gatherings frequently revolve around food, and opting for healthier choices can inadvertently lead to a sense of isolation or social exclusion.

What all too often goes unsaid is that continuing the pattern of eating sugary, grain-filled food products and beverages leads to high levels of inflammation in our bodies. We are continuing the ‘tradition’ of passing our health problems and autoimmune diseases on to the next generation as if they were the beloved family pets.

The genetic disposition to developing different autoimmune diseases passes along family lines through our DNA, but the actual development of these diseases has much more to do with food choices and lifestyle than heritage. Food choice patterns are most often the result of what you were fed as a child coupled with what you saw the adults in your social circle eating/drinking.

There’s a prevalent belief that healthy eating is time-consuming, expensive, and less palatable. The opposite is the truth; fast food is expensive, as are the processed sugary, grain-filled foods and snacks. This misconception is fueled by the convenience and accessibility of fast food and processed foods, which are often more affordable and marketed as more flavorful. We have been fed a consistent stream of untruths about foods, and we have swallowed it whole.

The abundance of conflicting dietary advice available today can be overwhelming. Diets and fad diets, conflicting research studies, and sensationalized media reports create confusion, making it challenging to discern what truly constitutes a healthy diet. Diets rarely work, with an overall success rate of about 5%. “According to the latest weight-loss research, 95% of dieters end up regaining the weight they lost within two years. Calorie-restricting diets are often successful at helping people lose weight, but they’re very unsuccessful at helping people maintain that weight loss.” (Jen Carter, PhD, The Ohio State University)

That is what led us to develop A Place At The Table online community.  Our tribe is made up of people from all over the globe who want to have a one-stop place to find out what is behind all the hype and claims about foods and health, to learn together, and to share information to help us all to have a better picture of what is true and what is not.  We have courses to help to educate, as well as webinars, articles, healthy recipes, and great conversations to take part in. We want to encourage, share, and help our community members level up on foods and health so that they can make educated decisions about food choices that work for them.

Education plays a crucial role in breaking down these barriers. It’s not just about informing people what to eat, but also explaining the why and how. Programs and initiatives that focus on the benefits of healthy eating, easy and affordable ways to incorporate healthier foods, and the debunking of common myths can pave the way for change.

This is why we do what we do. As humans, we make choices commensurate with our knowledge. If we want to eat healthier, it is important to learn more about what is healthy for each of us. No two bodies are exactly alike. What works for one (food combinations and such) does not necessarily work the best for another.

The shift towards a healthier diet doesn’t have to be abrupt or absolute. Small, incremental changes can have a significant impact over time. Encouraging substitutions, like Grain Free Mama’s baking mixes instead of traditional and adding more fruits and vegetables to meals can be a less intimidating approach for many.

I challenge you to try out A Place At The Table community (it’s free for the first 7 days) to take the first step in leveling up your food knowledge. You don’t have to wait until January to take a step in a healthier direction.

A Place at the Table Global Community

It could be easier than you think. Being a part of a supportive community just might be the key to your success. The reluctance to adopt a healthier diet despite clear health warnings is a complex issue. Tackling it requires a multifaceted approach that addresses psychological barriers, cultural influences, misconceptions, and education gaps.

As Founder/CEO of Grain Free Mama’s and advocate for natural, healthy eating, I believe that by making healthy eating more accessible, understandable, and culturally inclusive, we can slowly but surely steer society towards better dietary choices and, consequently, better health.


Margie Traxler | Owner, Grain Free Mamas

Written by Margie Traxler
Grain Free Mama’s is a FoodTech Consumer Product Goods company. We make gluten/grain/sugar free (Edible Grasses Free), dairy free and botanical nut free baking mixes that put the simple back into simply good for you. We also have educational resources to help you on your healthy eating journey. Margie, the Founder/CEO, received her B.S. in Biology from Portland State University. She has 22 years of experience as a successful Restaurant owner. She lives and operates her business in Henderson, Nevada.

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