Gluten Free, Grain Free Food Services

Grain Free Mama’s products offer Food Service entities the clean offerings to serve the 5-20% of consumers who cannot safely consume Edible Grass Ingredients (the flours of gluten and non-gluten grains, corn, rice, and sugar cane), botanical nuts (free of all true nuts – we do utilize coconut, which is a botanical fruit), dairy free, soy free and free of artificial flavors/colors/preservatives. This makes our products suitable for almost any type of diet.

Additionally, our products have unique, ahead-of-market and first-to-market key differentiators, which are clearly seen in the chart here:

Grain Free Mama’s Food Service. How to best use our Products.

Allergen Free Options For Your Business and Customers

What Makes us Different?

Unique Intellectual Properties

  • Innovative, First-to-Market Natural Science
  • Trade Secret Formulation IP Protection
  • Brand Trademarks
  • Edible Grass Ingredient Free

Key Differentiators:

  • Less dry ingredients to more liquid
  • Moist, delicious flavor (no dry mouth)
  • Natural Satiation factor (smaller servings)
  • Needs small amount of air when preserving product
  • Does not cause blood sugar rise and drop

Why now? To stay relevant and be able to serve the consumer base of consumers who (1) ‘have to’ or (2) ‘want to’ eat delicious, good-for-you, clean baked goods, Grain Free Mama’s crepe, pizza crust, cookie, muffin, and roti flatbread mixes give you the power to serve these needs with confidence.

Target Market: Consumers we serve

#1. Customers who ‘have to’

Consumers with Specialized diet needs due to autoimmune issues and food sensitivities. These consumers are struggles to make healthy diet changes, find baked goods they can still eat, and to make improvements to their health. This customer base comes from all walks of life.

#2. Consumers who ‘want to’

Health-conscious consumers. Predominately 20-35 y.o., care about sustaining the planet, climate change, clean ingredients, traceable supply chain, and SDG goals of the company. Ours = #2, Zero Hunger.

Contact us, 702-333-5357, for current pricing and to place an order and set yourself and your organization ahead of the rest today!

What our customers have to say!


Thank you so much for creating the grain free crepe mix.
They are easy to make and taste wonderful.

It is great to have a grain free option for breakfast.

Sandra L, Wyoming


These gluten free products will make your gluten free life a tastier, better and healthier journey!

What’s the best about this is that the other people in your family that are not gluten free enjoy the meals you cook which will help you make better choices. The crêpes are so yummy!

Dillon M, Kentucky


My body doesn’t break down sugars and carbohydrates very well, so the addition of these products has literally been a life-saver for me!

I can digest them easily and I they do not affect my blood sugar in any negative way.

Angie S, Alabama


Grain Free Mama’s product are great and I don’t even have gluten or sugar issues.

I have given these mixes to several friends with gluten and/or sugar issues and they love them too.

Barbara M, Oregon

“Great Products”

“These are great products…and good for you. Margie and her team put their heart and soul into everything they create.”

David Marinac, ABC Packaging Direct Lic

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