Fresh Cherry and Plant-based Cream Cheese Chocolate Crepes

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Crepes, the delicate and versatile French pancakes, have charmed food lovers for centuries. Their thin, lacy texture makes them a perfect canvas for a variety of fillings, both sweet and savory. Among the most beloved variations are fruit-filled crepes, and there’s nothing quite like the combination of fresh cherries enveloped in a tender crepe.

In this post, we’ll explore the rich history of crepes, their evolution, and why fruit-filled crepes with fresh cherries are a popular choice. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to Grain Free Mama’s Crepe Mixes, which are specially crafted to be common allergen-free, including gluten-free and botanical nut-free, making them an ideal choice for those with autoimmune conditions. Get ready to discover a delightful Fresh Cherry and Plant-based Cream Cheese Chocolate Crepes

recipe that is as easy to make as it is delicious!

Crepes originated in Brittany, a picturesque region in northwest France, during the early 12th century. These early crepes, known as “galettes,” were made from buckwheat flour, which was abundant in the region. Galettes were typically savory and served with fillings like cheese, ham, and eggs.

By the 20th century, crepes evolved to incorporate white flour, leading to the sweet and savory versions we know today. Sweet crepes, often filled with fruits, chocolate, or jams, became a staple in French cuisine and spread worldwide. The versatility of crepes allowed them to adapt to various cultures, resulting in numerous regional variations, from the Japanese dorayaki to the Russian blini.

Despite their evolution, the essence of crepes has remained the same: a simple, thin pancake that can be enjoyed with a wide array of fillings. Their ability to complement both sweet and savory ingredients has made them a favorite for breakfast, brunch, and dessert.

Fruit-filled crepes have long been a favorite among dessert enthusiasts, offering a refreshing and nutritious option that complements the light, airy texture of the crepe itself. Among the various fruit fillings, fresh cherries stand out as a particularly delightful choice. But what makes cherry-filled crepes so popular?

Firstly, cherries bring a unique combination of sweetness and tartness, which balances beautifully with the subtle flavor of the crepe. This harmonious blend creates a taste experience that is both satisfying and invigorating. Moreover, cherries are packed with nutrients, including vitamins A and C, fiber, and antioxidants. These health benefits make cherry-filled crepes not only a tasty treat but also a nutritious one.

Additionally, fresh cherries add a vibrant pop of color to the dish, making it visually appealing and perfect for special occasions or a delightful brunch. The natural juiciness of cherries also enhances the overall texture of the crepe, providing a burst of flavor with every bite.

In many cultures, fruit-filled crepes symbolize indulgence and celebration. Whether enjoyed as a festive dessert or a luxurious breakfast, cherry-filled crepes bring a sense of joy and satisfaction. Their versatility allows them to be paired with various toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, or a sprinkle of powdered sugar, further enhancing their appeal.

Now that we understand the allure of cherry-filled crepes, let’s explore how Grain Free Mama’s Crepe Mixes make it easy to enjoy this delectable dish while catering to those with dietary restrictions.

Grain Free Mama’s Crepe Mixes are a game-changer for individuals with autoimmune conditions, offering a safe and delicious way to enjoy crepes without worrying about common allergens. Here’s why these mixes are ideal:

  1. Common Allergen-Free: Grain Free Mama’s Crepe Mixes are specially crafted to be free from common allergens, including gluten and botanical nuts. Further, they are cane sugar-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. This makes them suitable for people with celiac disease, gluten sensitivities, and nut allergies.
  2. Nutritious Ingredients: Instead of traditional flour, these mixes use alternative ingredients that are low inflammatory, lower in carbohydrates, and naturally lower in calories. This makes them a great option for individuals managing diabetes or looking to maintain a balanced diet.
  3. Ease of Use: The mixes are designed to be simple and quick to prepare, ensuring that anyone can make perfect crepes with minimal effort. This convenience is especially valuable for those managing chronic health conditions, who may have limited time and energy for cooking.
  4. Consistent Quality: Grain Free Mama’s Crepe Mixes ensure consistent results every time, so you can enjoy restaurant-quality crepes at home. This reliability is crucial for people who need to adhere to strict dietary guidelines and can’t afford to take risks with their food.

With these benefits in mind, let’s move on to the practical part of this post: how to prepare delicious cherry-filled crepes using Grain Free Mama’s Crepe Mixes.

Recipe for Fresh Cherry and Plant-based Cream Cheese Chocolate Crepes (2 Crepe Bowls)


  • Delicious Chocolate Crepe Mix (Grain Free Mama’s)
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup fresh cherries
  • 1/4 cup plant-based cream cheese (softened to room temperature)
  • 1 TBSP Raw Honey
  • 1/16 tsp Pyure Stevia extract (this brand of stevia has only one ingredient)
  • Thick string for tying Crepe Bowl (alternatively, you can soften the long tops of leeks, the green part, and slice thinly to use as ties)
  • Optional: Hot Fudge Honey Sauce (from Food Breakthrough Cookbook)


  1. Pit and wash the cherries.
  2. Slice the cherries in half.
  3. Mix the plant-based cream cheese, stevia, and honey until smooth.
  4. Prepare crepe batter per package instructions.
  5. Preheat crepe pan (or crepe stone) to medium-high heat.
  6. Cook crepes in the crepe pan, turning over once the edges start to curl up. Cook for 30 seconds longer.
  7. Remove crepes from pan and let cool.
  8. Place the cooled crepe on a plate.
  9. Spread 2 tablespoons of the cream cheese mixture in the center of the crepe.
  10. Spoon in about 1/4 cup of the sliced cherries on top of the cream cheese in the center of the crepe.
  11. Fold the edges in an accordion style, making a ‘bag’.
  12. Loosely tie the string around the top, as shown in the accompanying video.
  13. Open the top of the crepe into a bowl, adding another 1/4 cup of cherries to fill the crepe bowl.
  14. Optional: Top the cherry crepe bowl with 2 tablespoons Hot Fudge Honey Sauce. Enjoy!


Preparing Cherry-Filled Crepes Using Grain Free Mama’s Crepe Mixes:

With Grain Free Mama’s Crepe Mixes, making delicious cherry-filled crepes is straightforward and stress-free. Here’s how you can create these delectable treats:

  1. Prepare the Ingredients: Start by pitting and washing the fresh cherries, then slice them in half. Mix the plant-based cream cheese with the Pyure Stevia extract and honey until smooth and set aside.
  2. Make the Crepe Batter: Follow the instructions on the Grain Free Mama’s Crepe Mix package. This typically involves combining the mix with eggs and water to form a smooth batter.
  3. Cook the Crepes: Preheat your crepe pan or crepe stone to medium-high heat. Pour a small amount of batter into the pan, spreading it evenly. Cook until the edges start to curl, then flip and cook for an additional 30 seconds. Remove the crepe from the pan and let it cool.
  4. Assemble the Crepe Bowls: Once the crepes are cooled, spread 2 tablespoons of the cream cheese mixture in the center. Add about 1/4 cup of sliced cherries on top of the cream cheese. Fold the edges of the crepe in an accordion style to create a bag shape. Loosely tie the top with a string or softened leek strip.
  5. Fill the Crepe Bowls: Open the top of the crepe into a bowl shape and add another 1/4 cup of cherries to fill the crepe bowl. For an extra touch of indulgence, drizzle with Hot Fudge Honey Sauce.

Additional Tips and Variations:

  1. Alternative Fillings: While cherries are a fantastic choice, you can experiment with other fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, or a mixed berry medley. Each fruit offers its own unique flavor and nutritional benefits.
  2. Presentation Tips: To enhance the visual appeal of your crepe bowls, garnish with a sprig of fresh mint or a light dusting of powdered sugar. This not only makes the dish look beautiful but also adds a subtle flavor enhancement.
  3. Serving Suggestions: These cherry-filled crepes can be served as a delightful breakfast, brunch, or dessert. Pair them with a cup of herbal tea or a refreshing fruit juice for a complete and satisfying meal.

Cherry-filled crepes made with Grain Free Mama’s Crepe Mixes are a delicious and healthy treat that caters to those with autoimmune conditions. These crepes are not only gluten-free and botanical nut-free but also easy to prepare and incredibly versatile. Whether you enjoy them as a special breakfast or a decadent dessert, they are sure to delight your taste buds and meet your dietary needs. Give this recipe a try and experience the joy of indulgence without compromising on health.

Margie Traxler | Owner, Grain Free Mamas

Written by Margie Traxler
Grain Free Mama’s is a FoodTech Consumer Product Goods company. We make gluten/grain/sugar free (Edible Grasses Free), dairy free and botanical nut free baking mixes that put the simple back into simply good for you. We also have educational resources to help you on your healthy eating journey. Margie, the Founder/CEO, received her B.S. in Biology from Portland State University. She has 22 years of experience as a successful Restaurant owner. She lives and operates her business in Henderson, Nevada.

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